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Below you’ll find links to forms needed to complete the rebate process. These links can also be found on the Buyers Rebate page but we thought we would also include them here for your convenience.

Click Here - Brokerage Relationship Disclosure

Before you visit any new home builder’s community, it is important that you E-sign the “Brokerage Relationship Disclosure” below (Reason – Florida law requires all real estate licensees to give this information about brokerage services to prospective buyers. By filling in your name and E-signing we will be able to show if needed that we gave you this information.)

Click Here -Buyers Registration Form

After E-signing the“Brokerage Relationship Disclosure” or making contact with us, Download and print the “Buyers Registration Form”  below. Please Print One For Each Community You Will Visit (Reason – You must fill your name(s) in and present this to the communities upon your arrival, letting them know that New Homes Realty, LLC is your Buyer’s Broker and have the Builders representative sign it.